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Visit the Zip Line and Ropes Challenge Course built for C Lazy U Ranch by Adventure Más.

Welcome to our Ropes Challenge Course Division. Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about our company and the services we provide, and the ropes challenge course industry. If you have further questions and would like to discuss the prospect of building a ropes challenge course or enroll in one of our workshops and/or facilitator certifications or trainings, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Ropes Challenge Courses – A Physical Route to a Mental Change!

A ropes challenge course is a series of intriguing obstacles or elements suspended by steel cable, rope and specialized hardware from existing trees or utility poles. Elements are designed to provide the participant or group with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Ropes challenge courses using adventure-based activities in combination with experiential education create life-changing experiences, which add value to an individual’s life and to the school or work place environment.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Adventure Más has more than 35 years experience in the industry.
  • We are an accredited vendor of the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) and a former accreditation assessor for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Adventure Más is also a board member of The Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), the first ANSI – Accredited Standards Developer, ASD, for the industry in Ropes Challenge Courses and Canopy Zip Line Tours; a member of The Association for Experiential Education (AEE); and the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA); associate members of The Association for Challenge Course Technologies, among others.

What this means to you is that we are members of professional, international organizations that are leaders in the ropes challenge course industry.

  • We have ropes challenge course sites all over Texas, the U.S. and internationally and can also provide any group with a portable ropes challenge course experience at their site.
  • Adventure Más offers a large selection of quality, competitively-priced equipment.
  • We build programs rather than simply building a ropes challenge course. Our ability to custom design and construct ropes challenge courses is based upon our expertise as practitioners as well as builders. We believe in what we do, we like what we do, we try to deliver the best quality products we can, we believe this is a practice and not a trade, and that this is an ethically driven profession. We have built and trained in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, United Kingdom, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, China, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Our unique and varied experiences overseas have helped us become aware of international practices and have introduced us to ropes challenge course elements not seen in the U.S., resulting in distinct design advantages to our clients.


Construction/Materials/Equipment Standards PDF
How to be an Informed Consumer PDF
Low Elements
Low Elements Images PDF
High Elements
High Elements Images PDF
Specialty Elements
Portable Elements/Kit
Climbing Walls and Towers/Bouldering Walls
Free Fall Experiences

Adventure Más can build to our specific ropes challenge course designs or to your specialized ropes course designs. The customized design is according to the type of programming desired and the site utilized. Your course can be built with any combination of elements using existing trees or utility poles. Adventure Más completely understands about the program needs and eco­nomic boundaries facing many organizations today. You have our commitment that we will not oversize your design in order to sell you more ropes course elements than your particular program needs.

Our construction methods and practices exceed the standards set by the industry. To view a complete list of our standards, please review our Construction/Materials/Equipment Standards PDF attached above.

Contact us today to discuss the planning and design of your ropes challenge course. We will help you assess your need for a site evaluation; discuss your program goals and educational objectives; address your budget concerns and answer any questions you may have concerning our elements, climbing towers or other building options.

Additional Benefits

  • Pre-planning design and consultation on construction of ropes challenge courses is no charge.
  • Ongoing supervision by phone and email, after completion of the project, is no charge.
  • Liability insurance referrals are available.

Low Elements back

Group initiatives, which are also referred to as low elements or low ropes challenge courses, are obstacles (challenges) or problems that require teamwork to solve. This involves an element of trust since participants must rely on each other to accomplish the task. They challenge the group both physically and mentally in a way that helps them successfully reach teamwork objectives and prepares them for bigger challenges they may experience while performing tasks in the real world.

Please click on the attached Low Elements Images PDF ( to view a partial sample of the low elements we offer.

High Elements back

High Elements are typically installed twenty to forty feet above ground where participants are secured by a belay system for safety. Often it is said that low elements build team concepts and high elements build self-concepts such as courage, tenacity, trust, support, persistence, and the ability to overcome fear and perceived self-limits. These issues typically emerge when a participant is attempting the element and must learn to trust the belayer. In addition, it is a great introduction to the pure joy of adventure, a fundamental human quality that involves taking risks. Participants often emerge with a newfound determination to take on new challenges and a clearer understanding of their capabilities.

Please click on the attached High Elements Images PDF to view a partial sample of the high elements we offer.

Adventure Más Specialty Elements back

High Elements that Actively Occupy the Whole Group

  • Centipede Walk – The two climbing participants will be belayed by their team members on the ground. Team members on the ground will need to hold all the ropes in order to balance the stepping planks so that the people being belayed can use the platforms of the crossing as steps. This element can have at least twelve members involved when being used.
  • Flying Dragon – The two climbing participants will be belayed by their team members on the ground. Team members on the ground will need to organize themselves in a way that allows them to hold and manage all the ropes in order to balance the platforms so that the people being belayed can use the platforms of the crossing as steps. This element can have at least twelve members involved when being used.
  • Four Person Pamper Pole – The four climbing participants will be belayed by their team members on the ground. The climbers need to mount the jump pole platform by helping each other up. Team members on the ground will need to belay the four climbers. This element can have at least twenty members involved when being used.
  • 60-Foot Climbing Tower – The 8 to 12 participants climbing will be belayed by their team members on the ground. Team members on the ground will need to belay the climbers. This element can have at least twenty-four members involved when being used.

Low Elements Not Often Built

  • Strategy Poles – This is a team activity that requires all team members to link themselves by holding hands and then walk on the twenty-five poles from beginning to end, and then back again.
  • The Mineshaft – Consists of a horizontal platform with outside railings which is approximately 10 feet high. Participants climb onto the platform by lifting and pulling one another through a central trap door (1-foot x 2-foot opening). A removable ladder is secured to one side of the platform.
  • 32-Foot Horizontal Traverse Bouldering Wall – This is a great addition to the climbing wall because it keeps participants occupied and engaged while waiting to use the climbing wall. Eight 8-foot high and 8-foot wide walls constructed to make a complete traverse around the wall. With 8 climbers and 8 spotters, a total of sixteen participants could be bouldering at one time.

Portable Elements back

Portable Low Elements Kit – includes the following:

  • A-Frame
  • All Aboard (18” x 24”)
  • Blind Triangle
  • Four Posters
  • Grid Maze
  • Human Ladder
  • Jumping Jack Flash
  • Key Punch
  • Maui to Wowie (2 Islands, 40” x 40”)
  • Mohawk Traverse
  • Muse
  • Pipe Line
  • Retrieval Tube
  • Spider Web
  • T. P. Shuffle
  • Trolley (One 12-foot set-soft)
  • Trust Fall
  • The Cube
  • Wild Woozy

A Complete Program Manual is included. The Portable Low Elements Ropes Challenge Course with parts, labor, and all related equipment estimated costs totals $5,875.00.

Climbing Walls, Bouldering Walls, Climbing Towers back

Outdoor Climbing Walls, Bouldering Walls, Climbing Towers

Adventure Más has built climbing towers topping sixty feet.
Climbing towers are constructed with two to five poles and designed with shorter routes, giving the participants more opportunities to develop their skills at climbing. Walls and towers can both be built with either modular or fixed holds and other features such at slabs, overhangs or bulges to maximize or vary the level of challenge. Adventure Más also gives you the option of adding roof structures or interior staircases. Surfaces can be constructed of imitation rock panels, textured wood panels or planks. Cost varies considerably and is contingent upon your choice of materials, the number of vertical belay ropes challenge course elements and wall features; however, a typical three-pole, 40-foot tower ranges between $18,000 and $36,000.

Indoor Climbing and Bouldering Walls

Indoor climbing and bouldering walls can be attached to a variety of surfaces, such as modular panel systems, imitation rock, cinder block walls and textured wood panels

  • Modular Panels range from $50 to $90 per sq. ft. Holds are typically modular and secured with bolts.
  • Imitation Rock Walls range from $65 to $90 per sq. ft. The benefit of imitation rock is that anchors can be added to accommodate the addition or removal of modular holds.
  • Cinder Block Walls are the most cost-effective choice with prices ranging from $10 to $20 per sq. ft. Holds are permanently anchored.
  • Textured Wood Paneling ranges from $35 to $50 a sq. ft. Holds are typically modular and can be moved to create new challenges and/or routes.

Free Fall Experiences back

The POWERFAN® – Coming Soon!

Experience the freefall adventure of your life, safely and without having to strap yourself onto a bungee cord! The POWERFAN is designed for use in either recreational environments or camps, under the supervision of a competent operator.

It has no motor of any description! It simply works by dissipating the potential energy created by a falling person by means of a fan. This enables users to repeatedly make a very rapid descent while ensuring a relatively gentle landing. Each POWERFAN incorporates an integral rewind mechanism to ensure a fast and efficient recall. A maximum through-put of one person a minute is possible where there is free and “un-belayed” access to the dispatching platform. The POWERFAN takes approximately twenty-five seconds to recall from forty-five feet after each descent.

There is also a counter to regulate servicing and maintenance schedules. It has been designed to work repeatedly for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of descents with the barest minimum amount of maintenance. Furthermore, installation, inspection and maintenance can be carried out by any competent person, in-house or otherwise.

POWERFANS can be used from almost anything high such as existing adventure structures like ropes challenge courses, climbing towers, trees, buildings, stand-alone poles, cliffs, caves, bridges, cable cars and cranes. Participants generally step from an elevated platform in order to begin their descent. However, the POWERFAN can also be used to keep the participant safe while they are climbing the structure in the first place. This is particularly the case when used on poles or trees.

What Sets Our Construction Standards Apart?

Innovative Equipment

Adventure Más prides itself on using the newest, safest cutting-edge devices:

  • Gripple Movable Connection Device: 94% of full cable strength when applied. 
  • Spike Grid Timber Connectors: Helps with the connection and shear loading of the wood platforms. It reduces the shear load of the platforms by increasing friction, preventing platform supports from sagging over time.
  • The RodeoStop : A vertical ascent, self-belay fall arrest, with state-of-the-art materials and practices for use in the design, construction and installation of your ropes challenge course. Adventure Más is the Exclusive Distributorship agent for sales of the RodeoStop device and all materials necessary for its operations in the whole of North America (Canada, United States and Mexico). Anyone in North America constructing a ropes challenge course who wants to purchase the RodeoStop, can purchase this device at retail rates from Adventure Más.

All ropes challenge course platforms, constructed by Adventure Más, have been approved by and stamped by a licensed structural engineer.

Our staff constantly keeps abreast of the newest innovations for the industry and includes experts in:

  • Usable and marketable adventure-based designs
  • The building, installation and maintenance of ropes challenge courses, aerial adventure parks, canopy zip line tours, military reaction/obstacle courses, climbing and bouldering walls and towers, and suspension bridges to name a few.
  • Fall protection
  • Risk-management
  • Research and the coordinated development of safety devices for the industry

Green Materials and Practices

We believe that “being green” is more than providing our clients with environmentally sound materials. It is also about superior construction practices and careful planning in order to minimize waste. As a practice, Adventure Más offers the following:

  • Lumber and utility poles purchased from certified, sustainable forests
  • Specialty hardware of the highest environmental standard
  • Environmentally beneficial and durable building materials
  • Metal materials recycled
  • Sites designed to minimize environmental impact
  • Low-maintenance, low-water, ecologically-balanced landscape design if possible


Training/Workshops Descriptions PDF
Templated Manual
Training/Workshops Cost and Scheduling
Training/Workshops List – Low and High Elements

Adventure Más offers a variety of learning opportunities for organizations using experiential activities so that users can effectively manage and implement their ropes challenge course in a fun, challenging environment. A brief description of each training/workshop is listed below.

As you read the descriptions, please keep in mind that most courses are designed around the principles of experiential education and emphasize facilitation skills used in activities or groups. These training programs are designed to build the best foundation utilizing ropes challenge courses and/or experiential education for groups.

Your staff will be taught behavioral-based technical skills such as spotting and belaying techniques, tying knots, proper ladder set-up, use of crab claws/cable grab for set-ups and take-downs, and belaying on high elements. We do not limit the training to technical skills but also provide your facilitators with assessment, communication and group skills. As an added benefit, you will be privileged to information that Adventure Más has acquired from more than 35 years experience of building and training in the industry.

We will provide whatever level of custom training and certification you need at your site. You also have the option of starting this training with an inspection and/or course and program evaluation.

Adventure Más also offers a variety of other workshops in new games and initiatives that are beneficial to the facilitator or organization seeking to advance their skills.

Our goal is to provide you with the technical skills necessary to meet the unique needs, goals and experience level of your group or organization. All training can be tailored for specific groups such as Education, Therapy, Training and Development, Corrections, Universal/Adaptive Programming and Special Needs Populations.

If you would like to receive more information regarding our training and workshops please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Adventure Más Templated Manual back

Manuals for technical and/or processing/review can be provided prior to training when we construct a ropes challenge course or contract to do training for the facilitator low and high elements, Level I and Level II certifications. Trainees will be better prepared for the program since they will be able to read, review and practice the procedures outlined in the manuals. This is a benefit we provide that is beyond what most companies offer their participants. This practice creates an environment that is more conducive to learning for the participants since they will be familiar with the materials used in the training beforehand.

Our manual consists of a template on a CD that can be used by any organization needing ropes challenge course operations’ policies and program procedures. This manual, with over one hundred and forty pages, has been peer-reviewed, field-tested for over ten years, and written to meet and exceed the present standards of ACA, ACCT, PRCA, and AEE. This manual is provided to organizations that use our services at no additional charge. This templated, copyrighted manual is available for the Macintosh or PC.

Training/Workshop Cost and Scheduling a Training/Workshop back

Scheduling a training or workshop for an organization, in which we come to you, can be accomplished in several ways, based on your needs. The cost of a scheduled workshop is typically $700 to $850 per day, per trainer, plus incidentals, based on the number of participants (typically 12 participants for ropes challenge courses and larger numbers for some of our other workshops). Materials, meals, lodging, transportation, travel time and all incidental expenses are covered by the contracting organization.

For an Open Enrollment Course that we sponsor, in which you come to us, the cost is generally $100 per applicant, per day. The number of participants varies based on the type of workshop selected.

Training/Workshops – Low and High Elements back

  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, Low Elements, Level I
  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, Low Elements, Level II
  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, High Elements, Level I
  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, High Elements, Level II
  • Ropes Challenge Course Processing Workshop
  • Observation and Supervision/Evaluation of Staff and Program Activities Workshop
  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator for Specialized Elements: Giant Swing, Zip Line
  • Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator for Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Wall
  • Ropes Challenge Course Manager/Administrator/Director
  • Ropes Challenge Course Risk Management Review Training
  • Ropes Challenge Course Recertification/Skills Verification
  • Ropes Challenge Course Rescue Workshop
  • The Use of Emotional Rescue on a Ropes Challenge Course
  • Ropes Challenge Course Inspection and Maintenance
  • Advanced Initiatives/Games Activities Workshop
  • Initiatives/Games Activities Workshop for Children Ages 6-10
  • Specialized Programming for Specific Groups
  • Large Group Games Training and Large Games Festivals

For a complete description of the courses we offer, please review our Training/Workshop Descriptions PDF located above.

Ropes Challenge Course Certification Levels

Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, Low or High Elements, Level I: Entry-level participant with little or no experience in the industry.

Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator, Low or High Elements, Level II: Experienced facilitators who have been in the industry for some time and who possess the educational, technical and personal skills/competencies for high and low ropes challenge course elements

Essential Topics Covered in Ropes Challenge Course Training

Theoretical Basis of Adventure-Based Activities: History of Adventure-Based Activities, Philosophy of Experiential Education and Ethics of Adventure-Based Programming.

Program Facilitation Skills: Liability Releases, Participant Medical Information Forms, Development of Written Policies and Procedures for Programs, Management of Program Goals, Safety and Risk-Management, Legal Liabilities of Adventure-Based Programming.

Group Facilitation Skills: Contracting for Behavior and Goals, Experiential Learning Cycle, Responsibility and Roles of Facilitators and Groups, Group Leadership Skills, Group Stages of Development.

Technical Skills: New/Group Games, Stretch Exercises, Spotting Techniques, Knots and their Application, Use of Low Elements, Use of High Elements, Use of Climbing Walls, Set-Up Techniques, Belaying, Giant Swing Procedures, Pamper Pole Procedures, Zip Line Procedures, Rescue Techniques, Technical Aspects of Equipment/Materials Used, Maintenance of the Ropes Challenge Course.


Risk-Management Review
Site Evaluation
Inspection Guidelines PDF

Inspections back

Adventure Más provides annual inspections for ropes challenge courses of all types. The purpose of our inspection is to provide you with a course that meets current PRCA and ACCT standards, enabling you to maintain the highest level of safety. Our inspection service can also include a review of your Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures.


The fee for a ropes challenge course inspection is determined by the design, size and age of the course, as well as a daily service fee. Most ropes challenge courses require one day of service. Mileage, lodging and/or travel are to be provided by the organization. The average daily service fee for this service is $500 to $800.

Inspection Process

According to the Professional Ropes Course Association, an annual inspection is required for all ropes challenge courses. We strictly follow PRCA Standards in the evaluation of each course. Adventure Más will provide you with a thorough written report for each element, structure, safety equipment and hardware.

If all materials are in sound working conditions and meet all construction guidelines, we will issue you a Ropes Challenge Course Inspection Certificate.

If your challenge course does not pass, we will make recommendations for compliance for each area that has failed, or Adventure Más can make repairs to bring your course into compliance.

An inspection is limited to the condition of the challenge course elements and equipment only. Proper staff training and risk-management procedures are crucial for safe, effective programming.

NOTE: Inspection does not cover your Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures. It only covers the physical components of your ropes challenge course. However, if you have specific concerns in this area, we will be happy to examine your existing manual and make recommendations.

Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations back

Adventure Más provides services for a variety of courses built with wood poles, trees or steel support systems. We will work creatively to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions for the required repairs, upgrades or renovations. Upon successful completion, we will issue you a Ropes Challenge Course Inspection Certificate.

Adventure Más has more than 35 years experience in adventure-based education and has been building ropes challenge courses since 1979. We excel in finding cost-effective, creative solutions to your construction needs that meet or exceed industry standards, and we have received many accolades from our clients for the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and pride we have taken in helping them achieve their goals.

Outdated materials can threaten the life of your trees, impact your environment, increase your liability/risk and reduce the life of your course. Adventure Más will insure the integrity of your course and assist you in understanding the ever-changing standards associated with managing a ropes challenge course.

For further information, please review our Inspection Guidelines PDF located above.

Risk-Management Review back

Adventure Más is committed to setting up a Risk-Management Review System that is anticipatory in nature, rather than reactionary. Proper training of staff and quality risk-management procedures are essential for safe, effective programming. One of our specialties is risk-management.

What is a Risk-Management Review System?

Is it the equipment or is it the user of the equipment that is making mistakes? Most often it is the user (the instructor) that has made a mistake. To reduce risk, organizations adopt a variety of controls to minimize risk. These policies are designed to prevent potential problems and to ensure safe and reliable operations. Proper staff training, careful selection of staff, quality apprenticeship, mentoring, use of case studies, staff maturity and experience are all crucial to safe, effective programming and operations; however, this still doesn’t guarantee that you have instilled critical judgment in your staff. This is why we have developed the Adventure Más Risk-Management Review System. This system should allow the individual and the organization to minimize and manage risk more effectively.

Basics of Risk-Management Review System

  • An ongoing, functioning safety/risk-management committee that issues an annual report
  • Documentation of staff hiring, skill levels, medical training, and scheduled program training
  • Documentation of challenge course maintenance, repairs, internal and external inspections
  • Documentation of internal and external peer and accreditation reviews
  • Documentation of equipment/ropes age and usage
  • Written operations manual with goals, objectives, guidelines, policies and procedures
  • A regular staff training and skill review program
  • A documented participant medical screening and release of liability

Risk-Management Review Training

Ropes Challenge Course Risk-Management Review Training: This two-day, on-site workshop is designed for individuals responsible for the management of a ropes challenge course facility. Participants will learn a variety of skills, which include reviewing potential staff qualifications, hiring, training, evaluating and paying your staff. You will also learn how to design, price and market your programs. In addition, you will learn the quality control skills to conduct in-house inspections, assess risk, handle accidents and close calls as well as formulate an emergency action plan.

Other topics discussed include assessing your insurance needs and safeguarding your business through proper documentation and strict adherence to operational guidelines and procedures. Finally, you will be taught proper care and maintenance of your facility and equipment.

Follow-up Support and Manual

Follow-up support is available after training. Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual, which includes policies and procedures. The administrator/director training encompasses more advanced topics and issues related to being an administrator/director so you could successfully supervise your ropes course manager and staff.


Cost for risk-management review training is typically $700 to $850 per day based on a variety of factors, including size of course, complexity of review and incidental expenses.

Site Evaluation back

Adventure Más will visit your ropes challenge course site in advance of construction, if needed. If your layout is complex or if you are using trees in your ropes challenge course, it is often necessary to conduct an onsite visit; however, the more information you can provide us, such as images and detailed maps with site elevations showing us the layout of the land to be used, the more time and money we can save you.