Our Mission/Vision/Commitment

Our Team

Corporate Challenge, Inc., dba Adventure Más, was founded by a bunch of rock climbing, caving, river-running, adventure trekking, eco-friendly, hard-core adventure enthusiasts who are former teachers, archeologists, military veterans and/or law enforcement officers who just happen to be in the ropes challenge course, management development business. They are adventure-based program developers/trainers and risk-management specialists who love building ropes challenge courses, canopy zip line tours, aerial adventure parks and military/reaction obstacle courses. Collectively, they have more than 100 years experience in the industry, which includes building and training internationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide adventure-based experiences and environments that are challenging, exciting and fun for both children and adults; that assist individuals in developing a sense of community and self; that provide companies with effective team-building programs which develop leadership skills and breakthroughs in professional relationships; to perform to our clients’ highest standards of quality construction and training services at fair and competitive prices; and to maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism in all our relationships, in a manner that benefits our environment and adds value to each person’s life.

Our Vision, A Physical Route to a Mental Change

Our vision is to provide individuals with a safe venue by which they can experience their worth and a sense of adventure, through a series of physical and mental challenges or obstacles. We believe that the quest for adventure is a vital component of us being human, and part of that component involves risk. This type of adventure must be earned; it is not the pseudo-type adventure experienced at amusement parks. By having the courage to overcome one’s fears and take the healthy risks associated with a ropes challenge course or other adventure activity, individuals have life-changing experiences, which add value to their lives and to the school or workplace environment.

Our Commitment

Adventure Más entered into the practice of building and training after spending many years working as direct staff for non-profit, school-based, psychiatric, community mental health, university, outward bound-type and camp programs. Our collective experiences give us unique insights into the economic concerns and program needs of your organizations. It is our commitment to provide you with the highest standard of care and construction by providing you with designs that reflect your intent and needs, taking into consideration the specifications of your available site, budget and philosophy.

Our Ecological Goal

Our ecological goal is to operate in a fashion that has a low impact on the land; to support and participate in conservation efforts; and to contribute in financially meaningful ways to the preservation of the natural environment and our local community.